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2006/07 Topps Basketball Jumbo Pack

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2006/07 Topps Basketball Jumbo Pack

Look for Topps Exclusive Autographs of J.J. Redick and Aam Morrison!! Find Rookie Photo Shoot Autographs of the top Draft Picks, including Dual and Triple Autos!! Key rookies include Adam Morrison, J.J. Redick, Brandon Roy, Randy Foye, Andrea Bargnani, Jordan Farmar, Rajon Rondo, Rudy Gay, Paul Millsap, LaMarcus Aldridge, Tyrus Thomas, and many more!!!

06/07 Topps features a Larry Bird Parallel set - 33 variations of Bird's #33 base set card!!

BASE CARDS (308 total cards) - HTA 35 per pack!
Larry Legend Variations (33) - An amazing set within a set. Card #33 will feature 33 variations, each featuring unique photography from Larry Bird's storied career!

NBA Draft Picks(50)
NBA Draft Pick Variations (10) - Tenof the above Rookies will have RC designated variations cards featuring photography from the NBA Draft!


AUTOGRAPHED CARDS (75 total cards) - HTA 1:TBD packs!)
Marks of Excellence Autographs (30)
Hobby Exclusive! Rookie Photo Shoot Autographs (30)
Hobby Exclusive! Rookie Photo Shoot Dual Autos (10 cards/20 subj)
Hobby Exclusive! Rookie Photo Shoot Triple Autos (5 cards/15 subj)

Own the Game Autographed Relics (5)
Clutch City Stars Autographed Relics (5)
Clutch City ProspectsAutographed Relics (5)

RELIC CARDS (51total cards) - HTA 1:TBD packs!
Own theGame Relics (15) - featuring star players from theOwn the Game insert set!
- Hobby Exclusive! Own the Game Relic Black (15)
- Own the Game Relic Gold (15)

Clutch City StarsRelics (15) - featuring relics from the 2006 All Star Game!
- Hobby Exclusive! Clutch CityStars Relic Black (15)
- Clutch City Stars Relic Gold (15)

Clutch City Prospects Relics (15) - featuring young stars included in theClutch City Prospects insert set!
- HobbyExclusive! Clutch City Prospects Relic Black (15)
- Clutch City Prospects Relic Gold (15)~;~

Pride of the Program Relics (6 cards/18 subj) - Triple Relic card versions of 3-player cardsin the Pride of the Program insert set!
- Hobby Exclusive! Pride of the Program Relic Black (6)
- Pride of the Program Relic Gold (6)

PARALLEL CARDS (924 variations) - HTA 1:4 packs!
All Parallels include the entire base set, all 33 Larry Legend Variation cards, and all 10 Rookie Variation cards!
HTA Exclusive! Platinum Parallel (308)
Hobby Exclusive! Black Parallel (308)
Gold Parallel (308)

INSERT CARDS (110 total cards) - HTAat least 1 per pack!
Larry Bird: The Missing Years (10) - Showcases Bird's career in years when Topps Basketball cards were not produced!
Own the Game (28)
Hobby Exclusive! Hobby Masters (20)
Clutch City Stars (24)
Clutch City Prospects (18)
Pride of the Program (10 cards/30 subj)

35 cards per pack