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Magic the Gathering Dungeons & Dragons Adventures in the Forgotten Realms Bundle

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Magic: The Gathering Ventures Forth into the Forgotten Realms

For decades, players have quested all throughout the Forgotten Realms in Dungeons & Dragons tabletop game, crawling dungeons and slaying dragons (with plenty of antics and shenanigans along the way). Now for the first time, the Planeswalkers have found their way into the Forgotten Realms, to the magical continent of Faerûn.

Dungeons & Dragons: Adventures in the Forgotten Realmsbrings fan-favourite monsters of Dungeons & Dragons fame to the Magic: The Gathering format. Battle Dragons, Mind Flayers, Beholders and more, with 281 regular cards comprising the set. Keep an eye out for randomly inserted premium versions of all cards.


  • 10x Adventures in the Forgotten Realms Draft Boosters
    • Each booster contains 15 cards
  • 20x foil lands
  • 20x non-foil lands
  • 1x foil promo card
  • 1x 20-sided die
  • 3x oversized Dungeon cards