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One Piece Card Game Monkey D Luffy ST-08 Starter Deck

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The One Piece Card Game Monkey D. Luffy ST-08 Starter Deck Display is a deck dedicated to the Straw Hat Pirates’ fearless captain, Monkey D. Luffy. This Starter Deck contains 51 cards, featuring Luffy, along with his closest allies and allies from the Straw Hat Pirates.

Luffy is known for his unrelenting spirit, boundless energy, and unbreakable will, and this deck brings those traits to life. The character cards feature unique abilities and weapons that embody Luffy’s fighting style, allowing players to take advantage of his quick reflexes and powerful punches. The deck also includes powerful support cards and events that help players bring their strategy to fruition.

The high-quality illustrations and detailed designs of the cards capture the essence of Monkey D. Luffy, making the One Piece Card Game Monkey D. Luffy ST-08 Starter Deck Display a must-have for fans of the series. Whether you’re an experienced player or just starting out, this deck provides a challenging and exciting experience that is sure to impress.

Two decks featuring the internationally popular characters Monkey.D.Luffy and Yamato will be released at the same time!
Whether you’re new to ONE PIECE CARD GAME or already building up your card collection, this is the character lineup you’ve been waiting for!

Constructed Deck ×1 (51 cards)
・DON!! Card x10
・Playsheet x1